Monday, February 2, 2015

Faith, Missions, and Prayer

This may sound simple, but missions doesn't happen without prayer.  Prayer not only helps missionaries get to the mission field, but prayer sustains them while they are there.  This year, as part of our FAITH Missions Offering, take time to pray for our missionaries in North America and around the world.  Below is a guide to help you know how to pray for our missionaries and church planters.

Each week of every month we are asking you to pray for a specific area of missions.
Week 1 – Jerusalem (Wynne & Cross County)
  • Concepts of Truth
  • Community Ministries & Disaster Relief
  • Bridge of Hope Children’s Home – Vanndale, AR
  • Gideons International
Week 2 – Judea (Arkansas & Delta Region)
  • Arkansas Missions (Dixie Jackson)
  • Church Planting Assistance (Delta)
  • Fellowship Community Church, Forrest City
  1. God would raise up leaders to help with ongoing ministries.
  2. God would open doors to share the gospel with people.
  3. God would provide resources needed to maintain and expand ministry opportunities.
  • Arkansas Baptist Children Homes (Children’s Home Offering)
  • Work Hunger (In-Arkansas Distribution)
Week 3 – Samaria(North America)
  • North America Missions (Annie Armstrong)
  • Church Planting Assistance (North America)
  • Chris, Eve, Katelyn, Brianna, and Emma Sims, Church Planter, The Way in Casper, Wyoming
  1. People of peace in our target neighborhoods.
  2. Favor within our Mormon friend's network and for conversions to the true faith.
  3. Leaders to rise from within the launch team.
  • Zachary, Nicole, Isaac, and Lillian Minton, Church Planter, The Edge Church, Spokane, Washington
  1. God will allow us to constantly sit down and meet with people and to get to know them while sharing the Gospel.
  2. God will build up and send leaders to help us plant more Churches.
Week 4 – Ends of the Earth (International Missions)
  • International Missions (Lottie Moon)
  • James, Marci, Taylor, Emily & Micah – Serving in Zambia Africa
  1. Brian, Passmore, and Maxwell as they teach at the Rural Bible School and train Tonga men to be leaders and pastors.
  2. The church plant at Bbakasa village, that God would raise up a strong leader for this new church.
  • Dan, Tami, Zeke, Kaiyah, & Sierra – Serving in Vancouver, BC
  1.  Opportunities to meet people of peace.
  2. God to raise up leaders from our people group who will reach out to their own people for the Kingdom.
  3. Us as we transition to a new assignment.
  • South Asia
  • Partnership Projects
  • World Hunger (IMB Distribution)

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